TU Kaiserslautern • Department of Mathematics • Summer 2019

«Plane Algebraic Curves»

Prof. Dr. Mathias SchulzeDr. Delphine Pol


Wednesdays (weekly), 11:45-13:15, Room 48-438

Problem Sessions

Mondays (once every two weeks)

April 29 13:45-15:15 48-438
May 13 13:45-15:15 48-438
May 27 13:45-15:15 48-438
June 10 13:45-15:15 48-438
June 24 13:45-15:15 48-438
July 08 13:45-15:15 48-438



There will be homework assignments every two weeks, which will be due on the Friday preceding the problem session. Please hand in your solutions by the respective due date in the office of Delphine Pol, room 48-430 or in the mailbox on the ground floor of building 48. You may (and you are encouraged to) turn in your homework in teams of two or three students. However, each of you needs to be able to present your team's solutions during the problem session.

Sheet 1 due April 26 10:00 am (pdf)
Sheet 2 due May 10 10:00 am (pdf)
Sheet 3 due May 24 10:00 am (pdf)
Sheet 4 due June 07 10:00 am (pdf)
Sheet 5 due June 21 10:00 am (pdf)
Sheet 6 due July 05 10:00 am (pdf)


In order to obtain an Übungsschein you need to actively participate in the tutorial and achieve a total homework score of at least 50%. Active participation means regular attendance and presenting a solution of a homework problem (at least once).

To receive credit points you need to pass an oral exam after the end of the semester.


The course will follow the lecture notes by Andreas Gathmann.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

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