TU Kaiserslautern • Department of Mathematics • Winter 2016/7

Seminar «Topics in Algebra and Geometry»

Prof. Dr. Mathias Schulze


We had an organizational meeting on Tuesday, October 25, 3:30pm in room 48-436. Weekly meetings will be on Fridays at 10:00am in room 48-436. The first talk will be given on November 18th.


The seminar will be a continuation of the course Algebraic Geometry II taught in summer 2016. We will cover some advanced topics from the book of Quing Liu on Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic Curves. We aim for the remaining sections 5.3.2-3 on connectedness and cohomology of fibers, section 4.3 on flat, étale and smooth morphisms, and sections 6.1-2 on sheaves of Kähler differentials and their relation with smoothness.


111/18/16George KraitFlat morphisms
211/25/16George KraitÉtale morphisms
312/16/16Felix RöhrleZarkiski's connectedness principle
1:45 pm
Felix RöhrleCohomology of fibers
501/20/17Fabian ZickgrafKähler differentials, I
601/27/17Fabian ZickgrafKähler differentials, II
10:00 am
Maximilian OrzechowskiExterior products
10:00 am
Maximilian OrzechowskiFitting ideals

Credit Points

Everyone is welcome to attend the seminar talks. To gain credit points you need to give a good talk.

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