TU Kaiserslautern • Department of Mathematics • Summer 2016

Seminar «Topics in Algebra and Geometry»

Prof. Dr. Mathias SchulzeDipl.-Math. Dipl.-Phys. Philipp Korell


The seminar takes place Tuesdays from 1:45pm to 3:15pm in room 48-438. In the first week of the semester we will have an organizational meeting. The first talk will be given on May 17 (or possibly on April 26).


The seminar will cover independend topics of general interest. As the anticipated group of participants and audience will be quite diverse the material needs to be presented in a self contained and generally understandable way. The focus will lie on explaining ideas and concepts instead of covering and proving all technical details.

Topics for talks will be assigned on an individual basis based on your personal background and interest. You may suggest a topic yourself, or I can make suggestions. If you consider attending the seminar, or if you just need some more information, please contact me by email asap.


019.04.2016Mathias SchulzeOrganizational Meeting
126.04.2016Christoph LampeCategory Theory
17.05.2016Christoph Lampe
Bastian Heinen
Morita Equivalence
Projective and Injective Modules
324.05.2016Eva Maria HemmerlingCompletion
431.05.2016Kerstin KleinValuations and Valuation Rings
57.06.2016Daniel BerhanuExtensions and Ext functors
614.06.2016Ali AslamGrade, Depth and Cohen-Macaulay
728.06.2016Bastian HeinenDerivations
85.07.2016Bastian HeinenSeparable Extensions
912.07.2016George KraitZariski's Main Theorem

Credit Points

Anyone is welcome to attend the seminar talks. To gain credit points you need to give a good talk.


1 Category Theory
2a Morita Equivalence
  • Cohn, Further Algebra and applications, Ch. 4.4
2b Projective and Injective Modules
3 Completion
  • Eisenbud, Commutative Algebra with a View towards Algebraic Geometry, Ch. 7
  • Altman-Kleiman, Introduction to Grothendieck duality, II.1
4 Valuations and Valuation Rings
5 Extensions and Ext functors
6 Grade, Depth and Cohen-Macaulay
  • Ash, A Course In Commutative Algebra, Ch. 6
  • Eisenbud, Commutative Algebra with a View towards Algebraic Geometry, Ch. 18
  • Bruns-Herzog, Cohen-Macaulay Rings, I.1.2,2.1
7 Derivations
8 Separable Extensions
9 Zariski's Main Theorem

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