Oklahoma State University - Department of Mathematics

Algebra II (MATH 5623) Spring 2012



You are expected to attend class on a regular basis and participate in class discussion. You are responsible for knowing the material covered in class and that in the corresponding sections in your textbook.


Homework assignments and due dates will appear in the course schedule. Turn in your solutions at the end of the lecture at the given due date. Late submissions will not be accepted.


There will be 2 midterm exams and a final exam, but no quizzes. Each exam will be announced in class and appear online in the course schedule. Make-up exams will be given only under exceptional circumstances and if you contact me in advance. Books, notes, and electronic devices are not permitted during exams.


The contributions to your clourse score will be weighted as follows.

HomeworkMidterm ExamsFinal Exam
Course Grade30%2 x 20%30%
6-Weeks Grade50%1 x 50%0%

Your total/6-weeks score will be truncated to an integer percentage and determines your course/6-weeks letter grade as follows.

Letter GradeFDCBA

Curving may be applied in form of a linear adjustment to all scores on a particular exam.

How to learn?

Your starting points are the textbook and the lecture. I recommend that you at least skim through upcoming sections of the textbook at home before they are covered in class. If you have time to read in depth, try to isolate what you do not understand and be prepared to ask questions in class.

Do not hesitate to ask questions. There are no stupid questions. On the contrary, asking the right question is often an important step toward the solution of a problem.

The importance of working on example problems can not be overemphasized. Work on the homework assignments intensively. If you find time, pick additional problems from the textbook, from other algebra textbooks, or from the Archive of Doctoral Exams in Algebra.

Discussion is crucial for learning abstract concepts. I strongly encourage you to discuss both the material covered in class and your solutions of the homework problems with other students. The best way to check your own understanding is to explain to someone else. However keep in mind that in exams you are on your own, so please try solving the homework problems yourself first before you seek help.

It is essential to work contstantly to keep up with the class. As a rule of thumb, I suggest to study at least two hours per hour of class time. Contact me immediately if you get the feeling that you fell behind.

Need help?

You are always welcome to see me in my office hour or contact me by email if you have any questions or problems. If my office hours do not fit your schedule, please contact me by email for an appointment.

Course Schedule

The following course schedule is preliminary.

Date Textbook
Subject Homework
Due Date
101/09V.1Finite and Algebraic Field Extensions
201/11V.2Algebraic Closure
301/13V.3Normal ExtensionsHomework 101/18
01/16University Holiday
01/18V.4Separable Extensions
Primitive Elements and Homework Solutions
501/20V.5Finite FieldsHomework 201/25
601/23V.6Inseparable Extensions
01/25VI.1Galois Extensions
Homework Solutions
801/27VI.2Examples and ApplicationsHomework 302/06
(9)01/30No class (replaced by afternoon session 01/18)
(10)02/01No class (replaced by afternoon session 01/25)
(11)02/03No class (replaced by morning session 02/15)Homework 402/08
1202/06VI.3Roots of Unity
1302/08VI.5Norm and Trace
1402/10Review for Exam 1
Cyclic Extensions
Exam 1
Homework 502/20
Solvable Extensions, Galois Group of Xn-a
Homework Solutions
1702/17VIII.1Integral Extensions
1802/20VIII.1Integral Extensions
1902/22VIII.1Integral Extensions
2002/24XVI.1Tensor ProductHomework 602/29
2102/27XVI.2+4Properties of Tensor Product
2202/29XVI.2+Ex.11Properties of Tensor Product
2403/05XVI.Ex.11+XX.5Homotopies of Morphisms of ComplexesHomework 703/12
2503/07XX.5+XVI.3Free Resolutions and Tor-Functor
2603/09XVI.5-8Tensor Product of Algebras, Symmetric Products
03/19Spring Break
03/21Spring Break
03/23Spring Break
3003/26Exam 2
3103/28XIX.1Alternating Products
3203/30XIX.1Alternating Products
3304/02XIX.2Fitting IdealsHomework 804/09
3404/04XIX.2Fitting Ideals
3604/09XIX.3Universal Derivation
3704/11XIX.Ex.6-8Properties of Universal DerivationsHomework 904/16
3904/16XX.2Homology Sequence
4004/18XX.3Euler Characteristic
4104/20XX.3Grothendieck Group
4204/23XX.4Injective Modules
4304/25XX.5-6,Ex.27Derived Functors, Ext1 and Extensions
4404/27XX.6F-acyclic Resolutions
.Final Exam

Academic Integrity

I will respect OSU's commitment to academic integrity and uphold the values of honesty and responsibility that preserve our academic community. For more information, see http://academicintegrity.okstate.edu.


This syllabus may be subject to future changes and it is your responsibility to be informed. Any change of the syllabus will be announced in class and appear online.